Pro-Life Camp Programs

Many different pro-life camps are in operation across the nation, under many different names., under the umbrella of the Life & Leadership Youth Camp Initiative, encourages the PULSE Youth Initiative and the Camp Joshua Initiative.


PULSE pro-life youth initiative

The PULSE Pro-life Youth Initiative is a multi-faceted initiative to train the junior high, high school, and college students to be pro-life agents of change in their communities. The initiative uses a variety of PULSE-themed projects, or “beats,” in order to inspire and train students. 

  • A PULSE Immersion is the flagship beat of the initiative is the “PULSE Immersion”, a weekend or three-day program training students to stand for the culture of life as courageous pro-life leaders. A PULSE Immersion can be formatted for any age student, such as middle school, high school, or college. 
  • A PULSE Leadership Institute (PLI) is an intensive week-long camp designed to equip high school and college students to be the pro-life leaders of today.  It focuses on "off-campus" activism allowing students to gain real-life experience in pro-life leaders.
  • A PULSE Crash Course is a half-day or day long educational effort aimed at a particular audience, such as at a school or church, and can be adapted to any age group.
  • PULSE Team is a group of students and adults meeting on a regular basis in one community to share campus activims ideas, support one another, and further pro-life leadership training among the group.

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Camp Joshua

Camp Joshua is a three-day or weekend camp teaching high school students to bring down the walls of the culture of death as courageous pro-life leaders.

Just as Joshua brought down the walls of Jericho, the young men and women of Camp Joshua will lead their generation in building a culture of life and bringing down the walls of the culture of death. By transforming character into action, they will “Be Joshua” to a world in need.

Together with Camp Joshua...

...are two camp programs for middle school and then an intensive program for high school and college leaders.

Camp Esther

Camp Esther is a day-long or weekend camp educating middle school students to take the first step into pro-life leadership.

At Camp Esther, students learn that they have a role in the pro-life movement, and that they are not too young to begin defending life. They learn that, for such a time as this, they must be leaders, just as Queen Esther of Persia, who saved her people from genocide.

Nehemiah Institute

The Nehemiah Leadership Institute is an intensive week-long camp designed to equip high school and college students to be the pro-life leaders of today.

The Nehemiah Leadership Institute is the third in the Life & Leadership Camp series, and is designed for advanced students who are serious about tackling pro-life issues. Students in the Nehemiah Leadership Institute will learn practical strategies for addressing life issues in the real world, and will leave the Institute well prepared to make a significant impact in their communities.

Years after Jerusalem was laid waste by the Babylonians, Nehemiah led the movement to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem in order to create a civilization that would be a light to other nations. At the Nehemiah Leadership Institute, through a combination of expert academic instruction and on-the-field practical experience, students learn that they are the people who must rebuild the walls of the culture of life.