What to Expect at Arkansas Camp Joshua?

What goes down at Arkansas Camp Joshua (ACJ)?
At ACJ, you will learn how to change hearts and save lives in your own community through interactive games, challenging training sessions and receiving the tools to lead a pro-life group at school. More than just listening and observing, you'll get a chance to integrate what you're learning into real life experiences.

Where else could you make new pro-life friends?
Camp Joshua is not only about education and leadership, but also about networking with other high school students from across the state. You'll have the opportunity to make new friends through small groups and fun games!

Are you ready to BE JOSHUA?
If you are a high school student (freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior) who wants to be a leader in the youth pro-life movement and help to transform our culture into one of LIFE, come to CJ!

Here are just a few examples of Camp Joshua activities:


Abortion 101
Pro-Life Persuasion
The Impact of Abortion
Euthanasia 101
Guest Legislator Talk
Abortion Alternatives


Field Trip to the State Capitol
Awesome activities…
(We don’t want to give too much away!)